Land Surveys

Drones are ideally suited for aerial surveying. We work with landscape architects and related consultancies and provide precise and accurate analysis and modelling.

We’re a Scottish company experienced in land surveying using ROAVs & UAVs.  We guarantee you  accurate topographic data and high-resolution aerial photography.

If you need topographic and visual information, we can help you reduce your costs, improve your company’s safety record and save you valuable time.

We are CAA approved to fly drones over privately owned land as long as we adhere to strict safety guidelines. The advantages to traditional land surveying methods include:

  • Drones offer improved topographical information plus high-resolution images.  With data collection made so simple, you can focus your energy on using it, rather than working out how to get it.
  • Reduced risk for surveyors.
  • More cost-effective
  • Site work can be carried out faster. Using a drone can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data.
  • Inaccessible areas can be surveyed safely, quickly & remotely. This minimises the risk to surveying teams when measuring sites such as mines, unstable slopes and busy transport routes.