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UAVs [Drones] are an incredibly versatile technology and the possibilities for their applications are virtually limitless. Our pilots are highly experienced in their many applications however our background in the oil and gas industry makes us especially skilled in providing environmental monitoring, industrial inspections , topographical surveys and mapping solutions. UAVs are the perfect survey solution to get up-to-date high resolution imagery filling in the gaps from other survey methods by providing more recent and more precise data.

Who Are AVI?

AVI Aerial provides UAV drone aerial filming, aerial video and aerial photography services throughout Scotland, the UK and Spain. We only use professional drones with critical system redundancy to provide the highest possible service and quality of images. Contact Us today to discuss your needs and we'll be happy to help.

What AVI Do

The future for drones is a bright one - they will be used a lot more in farming and agriculture, used more in construction, petrochemical installations and inspection, wind farms, solar panel farms, roof inspections, emergency inspections of inaccessible places - anywhere that's hard to reach and potentially hazardous to human life, a drone can go there. Think ship emergencies, ship collisions. Think of how many ferries have capsized - drones can even be used for sea rescue. There is a drone that will deploy a self inflating rubber ring to help survivors in the water. There is a drone that can deploy a defibrillator to start someone's heart. The applications are endless, and we are interested in them all...